About Us

Don Waller standing in a savannahDonald M. Waller, PhD

Founder of Our Wisconsin Understory and lead author on the Twig-Age method

Dr. Waller was the J.T. Curtis Professor of Botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaching ecology, evolution, and conservation biology until his retirement in Summer 2019. His research focuses on the impacts of deer browsing, trophic cascades, the forces driving long-term change in forest plant communities, and the causes and consequences of gene flow and inbreeding within and among populations.

Click here to visit Dr. Waller’s lab website.


Photo of Claire Viellieux, Website AdministratorClaire Viellieux

Research Assistant and Website Designer

Claire received her B.S. in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interests include human-wildlife interactions and environmental education. She assisted with Dr. Waller’s research during the Summer of 2019 by collecting twig-age and tick data, as well as by designing and managing content for the Our Wisconsin Understory website. She will begin working with “Snapshot Wisconsin,” another citizen science project in Fall 2019.